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Master Potter Series
Workshop Schedule

The 2019 Master Potter Series is made possible through North Carolina Arts Council support provided through the Cowee School Advisory Board.

All classes have supply lists or requirements for pre-made materials. Please email for more information.

Katie Maloney.jpg

March 23, 2019 // 10am-5pm // $50 // Class Limit: 20

Sculpted Animals and Censors with Katie Maloney

Join Katie Maloney to make incense jars, perfume jars, or just beautiful lidded pots with these sweet little animals. An introduction to clay at age eleven led Katie to apprentice with potter Elizabeth Krome for two years. Her undergraduate experience at Guilford College with instructor Charlie Tefft established a foundation for Katie to pursue a career in ceramic arts. Katie's art is influenced by her Quaker values and experiences within nature. Her current body of work also reveals inspiration from travels in Southwest China and Nepal.


April 27, 2019 // 9am-6pm // $50 // Class Limit: 20

Qualla Pottery: Carving and Stamping with Joel Queen

Joel will guide the class in hand building pots the traditional way. Joel will demonstrate his carving style and teach about the Cherokee stamped pottery tradition. Stamped pottery is the oldest of the Cherokee pottery traditions and dates back thousands of years. Pots are hand coiled, burnished and fired.

Joe Frank McKee.png

May 18, 2019 // 9am-5pm // $50 // Class Limit: 15

Raku Demonstration and Workshop with Joe Frank McKee

Join Joe Frank McKee as he demonstrates his unique process with clay and the great world of alternative raku firings and effects! During this one day demonstration and workshop Joe Frank will take us on a journey through his history and experience with clay, and share how he makes, fires and finishes. If you are considering exploring raku, this workshop will expose you to a variety of firing techniques. Registrants should bring three bisqued pieces to this workshop.


June 29, 2019 // 10am-4pm // $50 // Class Limit: 20

Stencils, Silk Screen and Appliques with Brent McCoy

Brent McCoy is a 2018 Alumnus of Western Carolina University with a BFA. He also attended Penland School of Craft on a scholarship. There, he learned the print transfer process. Students will make a polymer stencil, use Brent's silk screen stencils, and learn about making stencils with newsprint and inkjet printers. Custom designs for stencils can be submitted by May 10 for an additional $45 fee.

Click here for full supply list.

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 3.20.11 PM.png

July 27-28, 2019 // 10am-4pm // $100 // Class Limit: 15

Handbuilt Platters and Glazing Plates with Joey Sheehan

Joey Sheehan's glaze work is stunning, and everyone should come learn from him! This is a two-day building and glazing workshop. Students will hand build platters in the AM of the 27th and experience demonstrations on throwing and slip work. Sunday's session will be used to finish platters, adding feet and handles. The afternoon will include a glaze demo and students will glaze pre-built bisque pots to practice techniques. Click here for supply list and class info.

Judy Brater.png

August 31, 2019 // 10am-4pm // $50 // Class Limit: 20

Wheel, Slab and Sculpture Techniques with Judy Brater

Judy Brater is a regularly invited pottery instructor at John C. Campbell Folk School. Come explore wheel thrown and drape mold forms with surface decoration and carving. Coils will be rolled out to form a collar. Creative embellishments will be encouraged. We will talk about the glazes and methods she uses. Wheel and hand-building will be done at this workshop.

sagar mask.png

September 28, 2019 // 10am-4pm // $50 // Class Limit: 15

Fabulous Masks and Sagar Fire Glaze with Nancy Jacobsohn

Nancy Jacobsohn has a collection of incredible masks. This workshop will start with building a mask for glazing at a later date and the afternoon will be a sagar fire of pre-made bisque masks brought by participants. Glazing will be completed for the afternoon sagar fire. Different materials and techniques will be explored in the glazing & firing process. The studio will host a mask building class on Saturday, September 7 from 2-4pm for registrants to pre-build their masks. 

kathy murphy.png

October 26, 2019 // 10am-4pm // $50 // Class Limit: 20

Tiles and Murals with Kathy Murphy

Come join ceramist Kathy Murphy and make tiles and murals that tell a story, to hang on a wall, or to just hold a hot pot on a gloriously hand-made surface. Tiles are a challenge because they often warp. Kathy will bring her tricks of the trade to help us overcome that hazard and much, much more.

elise delpheild.jpeg

November 16, 2019 // 10am-4pm // $50 // Class Limit: 20

Brushwork: Mark Making to Enliven your Surfaces with Elise Delfield

Elise Delfield will guide students in a hands-on workshop exploring the use of a brush with ceramic stains, underglazes and glazes to decorate ceramic surfaces. Come learn how to organize the 3-dimensional space for surface design and how to make color choices. Students should bring leather-hard, bone dry and bisque ware to the workshop.

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